The compilation 'notitia dignitatum' (Cnd)
the compilation of lists and 89 pictures that began with the list item
notitia dignitatum omnium tam civilium quam militarium in partibus orientis
and ended with the list item
ceteri praesides ad similitudinem praesidis dalmatiae officium habent

and occupied 164 pages in the codex Σ
that existed in Speyer at least between 1426/7 - 1550/51

Copies of the Compilation notitia dignitatum
Primary copies

Representations of the Cnd, derived from it either directly or indirectly, are known to have been produced from 1426/7 onwards. Among the available derivatives of the Cnd there are several that are classified as primary copies: that is, copies that each did not derive its representation of the contents of the Cnd entirely from any other available copy or copies of the Cnd. These primary copies comprise the following:

C Cambridge, FitzWilliam Museum, ms. 86-1972, (fol.1r-5v), {formerly Cheltenham, Phillipps 16397} details / facsimile,
and facsimile copies of another six pages from the same manuscript book in
N Norwich,
Castle Museum of Art, Archaeology and Natural History, Bulwer Collection, drawings 1223.
B.21; 1223.B.22; 1223.B.23 in the Colman Collection (accession no. 235 of 1951)

O Oxford, Bodleian library, western ms. 19854 - Canonici ms. misc. lat. 378, (fol.88v-170r) facsimile

P Paris, Bibliothèque nationale de France, latin ms. 9661, (fol.72r-146v) facsimile

F Frankfurt: fragments of a manuscript book dismembered in that town by one or more bookbinders, about 1630, including:
Ff Frankfurt am Main, Universitätsbibliothek Johann Christian Senckenberg, ms. lat. qu.76, (fol.1r-1v) facsimile
Fl Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, ms. BPL 2869, (fol.1r-v, 2r-v)
T Trento, Biblioteca comunale, ms. W 3103, (fol.70v-108v),

L London, Victoria and Albert Museum, National Art Library, MSL/1957/2668 (fol.15v-102r),

A Andreas Alciatus, Dignitatum tam civilium quam militarium Imperii Occidentalis Index, (Basel, 1546), col.471-p.487, (ref),

B B imprint, by Hieronymus Froben, Notitia utraque cum Orientis tum Occidentis ultra Arcadii Honoriique Caesarum tempora, (Basel, 1552), (fol.[14]v-[96]v),
(This imprint is generally referred to as the edition of Gelenius or Sigmund Gelensky, but he cannot be shown to have done more than write the dedicatory letter and, if this imprint is referred to at all as an edition, it should be described as the edition of Rhenanus) (ref & copies).

V Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, ms. Barberini lat. 157, (fol.91r-172v) facsimile

M München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, ms. Clm. 10291: codex 1 = fol.1-170, (fol.88r-169v) facsimile

-bound together with
W München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, ms. Clm. 10291: codex 2 = fol.171-222, (fol.178v-222v) facsimile


Supplements to, and excerpts from, copies of the Cnd

Where these primary copies no longer have all of their initial contents, either because the codices in which they exist were subsequently damaged, or because the transcripts were changed, copies of those initial contents may be available in related secondary copies (listed below). Additional evidence for the contents of the Cnd exists in the notes, correspondence and commentaries of 16thC writers and these documents also sometimes contain excerpts derived from other copies which either no longer exist or have not yet been identified.

Copies derived from primary copies

The following copies were derived, either directly or indirectly, from the primary copies listed above and are, therefore, classified as secondary copies:

Bern, Bürgerbibliothek, Arch.I.216-Bong.Hist. (ms notes by Jacques Bongars in an imprint of B).
Genève, Fondation Martin Bodmer, Cod. Bodmer 118 (fol.21v-96v).
Giessen, Universitätsbibliothek, ms. 946 (miscellany: excerpts fol.50r-53v and 56r-58v).
København, Det kongelige Bibliotek, ms. gl.kgl.sam. 498 (fol.3r-91r).
Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, ms. Vossianus Lat. F. 44 (fol.3r-24r, 25v=26v).
Leiden, Bibliotheek der Rijksuniversiteit, ms. Vulcanianus 21 (fol.17r-21v).
Madrid, Biblioteca nacional, ms. Reservado 36 (fol.88v-165v) facsimile
Milano, Biblioteca Ambrosiana, ms. R.88.sup. (fol.177r-186r).
München, Bayerische Staatsbibliothek, ms. Clm 794 (pp. 176-339) facsimile
Napoli, Biblioteca nazionale, ms. IV.D.14 (fol.16v-92r#).
Paris, Bibliothèque national de France, ms.Latin 5825E (fol.1r-76r). facsimile
Paris, Bibliothèque national de France, ms. Latin nouv. acq.1424 (fol.91v-173r).
Paris, Bibliothèque national de France, ms. Latin nouv. acq.1688 (fol.1-10) - L-H.Labande. facsimile
Parma, Biblioteca palatina, ms. 1280 (HH.I.64) (fol.1r-105r).
Piacenza, Biblioteca comunale, ms.9 (fol.1r-103r).
St.Gallen, Stiftsbibliothek, ms. 663 (pp.103-149 [n.a. pp.101-145,523]).
Trento, Biblioteca del Castello Buonconsiglio, ms. 1360 (fol.70v-108v).
Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, ms. Vatic. Lat. 3715 (pp.5-47, 50-53) facsimile
Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, ms. Vatic. Lat. 3901 (fol. 122r-127r [n.a. 1-6]) facsimile
Città del Vaticano, Biblioteca Apostolica Vaticana, ms. Chigi, Latin E.VII.235 (fol.72r-146r).
Venezia, Biblioteca Giustiniani-Recanati Falck, ms. cl. VI cod. 12 (inv.865) (fol.1r-13r).
Alciatus, A., Index dignitatum civilium militariumque in oriente (Lyon, 1529-1530) pp. 108-120 (ref).
Fabricius, G., Romanarum dignitatum et administrationum tam civilium quam militarium in occidentis regionibus index, Hadriano imperante. (Basel, 1549-1550) pp. 46-73 (ref).
Schonhovius, A., Dignitates omnes, administrationesque tam civiles quam militares, quas Romani in provinciis orientis & occidentis habuere. (Basel, 1551) pp.3-9 (ref).


There exist several copies of the Cnd, referred to as editions, which were derived from the contents of several, but not all, of the copies listed above. The significant editions are those by:

Guido Panciroli,
Notitia utraque cum orientis tum occidentis ultra Arcadii Honoriique tempora. (Venezia, 1593) (ref)

Philipp Labbé,
Notitia dignitatum imperii Romani. (Paris, 1651) (ref)

Eduard Böcking (Bonn, 1839-53)
Notitia dignitatum et administrationum omnium tam ciuilium quam militarium in partibus orientis et occidentis. (Bonn, Marcus, 1839-1853). (ref)

Otto Seeck (Berlin, 1876)
Notitia Dignitatum accedunt Notitia urbis Constantinopolitanae et Latercula prouinciarum. (Berlin, Weidmann, 1876) (reimpression Frankfurt a.M., Minerva, 1962). (ref)
This edition should properly be identified as the edition produced by Theodor Mommsen and Otto Seeck since the latter, who dedicated his edition Theodoro Mommsen grato animo, stated that: Mein Erstlingsbuch, die Ausgabe der Notitia Dignitatum, hat er angeregt, mir einen grossen Teil der handschriftlichen Quellen zugänglich gemacht und jeden Korrekturbogen mit einer Sorgfalt gelesen, als wenn es sich um sein eigenes Werk handelte. (O. Seeck, Zur Charakteristik Mommsens: Deutsche Rundschau 118 1904 p.81).

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